Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Koala Days

My intention was to write about 'All Things Nice' on Daughter Of Pearl, and so it happens koalas are pretty nice! This will make a great first blog..
I live with my Hubby, cat & two turtles in a pretty little spot called Greenhill. We are surrounded by national park, fire risks and beautiful wildlife. In Summer we and our neighbors are familiar with having a koalas in our yards, trees and roads.
Yesterday evening I had turned our sprinkler on in our backyard, soon after a koala popped his head over the fence and almost in a bush magic way told me he was thirsty. That he was!

Here are 2 videos of him drinking,,

 Koala Drinking

Koala drinking and slurping some more!

 Koala Kisses

 And here is a warm and fuzzy for you!

Here is a koala hanging out on the 42 degree C day we had the other week...

Same 42C day but different koala and bub

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