Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Years Day

I love New Years Day, maybe even more than Christmas Day.
The panic buying - is all done, the mad food shop like an apocalypse is about to happen all done, gifts have been exchanged, consumables consumed, Xmas time 'dos' have been done and all the family have been visited. Now its time for a fresh Gin & Tonic and a relax!

Its a shiny time of year, a time for new goals, hopes and inspirations.  A new start and the ye olde olde resolutions writing.
I like to write resolutions, even though I know that I will not exceed day 2 of my 'no caffeine for a month' goal or break my 'wine only on Saturday evenings' goal. It just feels GOOD to write them down. I usually leave it to the last minute, like this list which I did on New Years Eve. It started off neat, then I got carried away. Its a little manic. Hubby also added to it with:  'Turn that frown upside down' and 'Eat kale' Now what are you trying to say here Chris?

New Years at my favourite place. Horseshoe bay Port Elliot. 
Days like these feel like they will never end.
I love Summer, and I love this country!

Looking down onto Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay from The Rose Gardens

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