Thursday 14 March 2013

Annesley House & Portland

I was delighted to find this little gem of a place! I am so glad we didn't choose the 'cookie - cutter' style accommodation chains when looking for a place to stay on our Great Ocean Road trip.
Annesley House is a beautifully restored Historical building offering gorgeous, nostalgic and somewhat quirky accommodation. If only we had arrived earlier we could have made the most out of the 'games room'.
We arrived to our spacious room in the evening to find that our lovely host had left us a decanter of port on our table - perfect! We enjoyed this port very much when we got back from eating out.
Annesley House works  with a local restaurant to supply dinner 'in house'. We wished we had ordered in, because  these dinners brought up to the rooms smelled amazing!

A lot of care has been taken to make each room individual and interesting, and each has a story to tell. We stayed in 'Wadmore' the 'honeymoon' suite, complete with four poster bed and an open spa.

I would love to visit during the cold of winter to 'disconnect', you know - switch off the iphone, i pad, laptop and  spend a couple of days just reading, reading  real books by a real fire.

So charming & perfectly quirky Annesley House 

Annesley House

Portland Victoria
Portland Victoria

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