Monday, 8 April 2013

7 Day 'Get Clean Challenge'

Some time ago Hubby & I devoured a very tasty dish of fresh cold rolls. So satisfying was this meal of what was pretty much raw veges, herbs, nuts & chilli,  I said to my Hubby "Imagine eating clean like this for one week - you would be feeling pretty good by the end of it!" liking the idea he added a suggestion of no alcohol, then a few other things like 'raw' 'organic' 'vegan' 'sugar free' it got silly ending  up with something close to an 'Airtarian' Diet . So we got sensible and cut it back to Vego, GF, Alcohol free & chocolate free as a challenge for 7 days. Why? well to  give our bodies a break and fill them with more whole foods, for our well being and also to get creative in the kitchen.

I'm thinking this will be pretty smooth sailing for me as I'm Vego, I love gluten free, don't get into chocolate, but looove my wine. Alcohol free WILL test me!

Why Gluten Free?
Going GF eliminates a lot of processed, high in fat, sugary foods.
 I'm not intolerant, I've had tests as my Dad was one of the first children in Australia to be diagnosed as Coelic in the 50s. Wheat products just slow me down and make me feel sluggish.

Why chocolate free?
Chris loves chocolate, and he wants to cut back for health reasons.

So I have stocked up with fresh fruits, veges, seeds nuts and specialised GF products.

Curious to know how we will feel in 7 days time...

Keep posted x

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