Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 7 Of Our 7 Day 'Get Clean' Challenge'

Day 7

Yay!! we did it - 7 Days alcohol free, meat free, gluten free and chocolate free. And we feel fantastic!

7 Days was achievable and gave us that healthy kick start to a 'cleaner' way of living. Being a week long did not interfere with out social lives but was still long enough to make a change.

For me personally I thought I would struggle with no alcohol, but having a goal, mindset and a partner doing the same made it easy peasy.

Went for a walk through Clealand National park this morning with more energy than I ever had. I am thrilled that I have lost literally inches around my waist and  1.5kg - again weight loss was never a goal in this challenge, but nonetheless surprised as  we both ate a lot in this last week!

To top our last day off we went to Chris' Sisters for dinner, she made an amazing vego North African tagine, served with corn cous cous and greens, a delicious way to end the challenge :)

What this challenge gave us -
Chris has found meat free has affected his fitness levels and mental energy in a positive way, so he wants to cut down on meat for these reasons. A more balanced diet with less meat and less sugar works for him.

I don't need to drink alcohol as much. I have loved waking up feeling fresh on weekends after a good night's sleep. That is more worth it than too many wines on a Friday night. And gluten free loves me. I physically feel lighter and 'cleaner'.
  I have enjoyed sharing our last 7 days, and maybe this has been an inspiration to try a challenge of your very own, whatever that may be - write it down, tell people about it and do it! 

Chris' reward
x x

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