Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 6 O Our 7 Day 'Get Clean' Challenge

Day 6
Full of energy today and feeling positive - no more grumpy bum me. I have been sleeping a whole lot better, and have been feeling 'lighter'. Chris too says he feels especially good today (maybe because of the coffees!).

We treated ourselves to breakky at 'A Mothers Milk' on Unley Road. I love this place, they do amazing coffee specialising in single origin and great simple food. They have stripped back the old shop that was there to recover brick wall and floor boards. Tables and chairs are made out of wood crates, pallets, and milking stalls. It feels like getting a big warm hug when sitting in this hip cafe. And the staff are absolutely lovely.

I had 'Smashed Avocado' on Enzo's GF bread topped with dukkah. I'm pretty sure that they had used 10 whole avocados in this - I was absolutely full for hours.
Okay, mid afternoon I was thinking how it would be nice to have an evening wine, but that feeling did not last (surprisingly!) Yippee!

I Also made some vegan kale 'cheesy' chips for snacks today. I can see how people may mock these kale 'chips' but  they are amazingly delish!
I'll publish the recipe at a later post :)

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