Friday 12 April 2013

Day 5 Of Our 7 Day 'Get Clean' Challenge


So I've been told that I have my grumpy pants on. I think  I'm grumpy not because of food exclusion but because I'm being obsessed about food, and if anyone knows me, I do not like to be in the kitchen longer than I need to. Trying to keeps things balanced and interesting on this challenge for the other half has been a challenge in itself - I'm thinking food 24 / 7. And I want to make this effort because he has so kindly given up  a lot for this challenge - including a Friday work lunch!
We could have eaten out a lot more through this challenge, but I think it is good to show how this can be done in your own home.

There are great places around Adelaide doing great things Vegan & Gluten free. So get out there and and support young new enterprises.  Fork On The Road is fab for all good food / Vegan / Organic / Street food. If you are Vegan, Vego, Organic, Gluten intolerant or just health conscience I can recommend Vegan Online they sell a huge variety of goodies and deliver it to your door - even frozen goods! They have also  just opened a brand new shop in the city.

FUNDAY FRIDAY means ....... Fun time burgers, spa, movie night and popcorn! No wine. No beer. No cider.
Nooooooo wine!
Oh dearys.
Thats okay, we will survive.

I used Syndian Lentil burgers in our burgers tonight, they are divine - really! Moist and tender. And for the rolls I used Enzos. You would not know they are GF, they are light and flavorsome and do not crumble into pieces.
Think of all the saturated fat you could cut out of your diet with meat free alternatives for a burger!

So now for movies & popcorn!

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