Thursday 11 April 2013

Day 4 Of Our 7 Day 'Get Clean' Challenge

I'm sitting here with my hot long black coffee I just made. Nothing like a morning walk and coffee before work.
I have noticed I haven't felt as 'bloated' as I usually do - this morning especially.
I'm even brave enough to actually wear my real uniform top which is lovely but made of stretchy clingy fabric. My goal is NOT to loose weight but it is to feel cleaner and less sluggish.

I'm thinking that my or our next challenge I will include exercise - at set times.
This week I'm having lazy 'exercise' week. I walk 2.2k most days, and half this walk is uphill. Its a quick 30min walk which makes it not a chore, so I am likely to do it most days. I skipped pilates on Monday but will go to yoga on Friday.
Chris finds aerobic exercise good for him. Currently he runs / jogs several tracks in Cleland National Park about 6 mornings for about 1.5 hours. He is a machine. But I don't compare my athletic- ness to his as we each have our individual exercise preferences and get what we need from them.

Our lunches have pretty much stayed the same on this challenge.  Before this challenge Chris ate fruit and nuts, chocolate throughout his work day.
Me, I would take wraps, salads, leftovers or buy sushi or something scrummy from Vivia, which is a deli that is conveniently place near my work that sells vegan - gluten free goodies like baked risotto parcels, zucchini slices, mushroom pies.  So we are pretty much eating the same lunch minus the meat / gluten.

Viva's Brown Rice Salad - My Fave!

Evening Day Four: and I'm not craving any of the excluded foods. Chris on the other hand was watching tv and saw an ad for a HJ's Whopper and admitted that he is craving meat, especially a Whopper. And that he would kill for chocolate. So I thought I'd better fix some dessert for him - Pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup and berries - that cheered the poor guy up :) 

I should also say that Chris reckons I'm more 'Grumpy' but I don't think I am :P

(Freedom Foods Gluten Fee Pancake Shake).

x x

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