Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 2 Of Our 7 Day 'Get Clean' Challenge

 Day 2
Feeling pretty normal, Chris says that the previous night's bean dish helped him make better time on his morning run - haha.

The weather is absolutely amazing for April in South Australia, 29c. With this weather I decided to make fresh cold rolls.

I could smash 100s of these crunchy flavorsome beauties!

Pretty much you can create ANY filling you want. I try and use what is available in the garden / fridge at the time. For this particular batch I used:
Julienne carrots
Loads of mint
Loads of corriander
Fresh chillies
crushed peanuts
Rice Vermicilli /glass noodles
Red onion

My favourite herb to use is Vietnamese mint, but mine hasn't fared well over the Summer.
You can use all sorts of dipping sauce, from simple pantry ready Vietnamese dipping sauce, sweet chilli, soy - or make you own ...
I buy the vermicilli in a tidy packet of four, as these rice noodles when broken, ping out all over the kitchen.
Soak the noodles in boiling water whilst preparing the fresh ingredients.
Fill a shallow bowl of boiled water and immerse the rice paper sheet then place on a plate. Add a small amount of ingredients a little lower than centre of the rice sheet, fold this end up and over covering the ingredients then fold over the left & right hand sides and finally the top. Takes a bit of practice, but practice makes lots of fun!

 Make more rolls than you think you will need and then you will have a tasty clean lunch for the next day.

I am sitting down blogging with a Land Of Lilly Organic calming tea in hand along with a gluten free Freedom Foods coconut biscuit. (My poor mac book cops a lot of daily crumbs!).
I have tried many 'sleepy' teas, chamomile etc, but this one I savour as it really gives me a 'peaceful' 'warm & fuzzy' sleep better than every other tea I've tried.  Its a loose leaf tea cert. organic made of Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Rosemary. Here is a link to this fab website which is full of good organic goodies Land Of Lilly

If you haven't checked out your health food aisle already - give it a go! there are a lot of goodies for everyone - not just for special dietary requirements.  These foods are tasty, lower in salt, fat and sugar. Try out nutritional grains and seeds like Quinoa, Chia, Amaranth in dishes in place of starchy pasta or rice. I buy cereals like Orgran 'Ancient' flakes and some cheeky 'Coco Bombs' handy for my 'cant be bothered' mornings, (which is most mornings, probably tomorrow morning too!).

On that note,
Night Night!

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